San Antonio citizens share thoughts for 2016 election

Johnny Millar and Kiley Tauber


Nicole Stuessy, reporter

From the River Walk to the Historic Market Square, San Antonio is a city that is just as diverse as its voters.
With such diversity, it is hard to find a 2016 presidential candidate that means their criteria.
“The main factor that I use when voting for local elections is that you have to be a minority or a woman,” Mary Kittrige said. “They are totally under represented. Politics are totally dominated by white older men, but the population is shirting from a mostly white population to an international population.”

It is important that the candidates are relatable and know the voters.

“I like the fact that they try to come out and see the different walks of life,” Angelica Barr said. “But you don’t know anything about someone else’s life until you live it.”
San Antonio native Tom Limon believes politicians should address issues close to home.
“I know that we spend millions of dollars in other third world countries, but they aren’t doing enough for the Americans.” Limon said. “Third world countries need help, but you see a lot of people that need help here especially in their heath and education and they need to address that.”
Presidential candidates need to have goals to improve the economy and the lives of Americans.

“Small businesses should be promoted by the government,” jewelry shop owner Sebastiana Lee said. “I put my passion, love and work into my jewelry business and now I can reap the harvest of my hard work. In the United States there are so many opportunities to get ahead and make something of yourself and people should be aware of that.”
Lee looks for presidential candidates that are honest and down to earth.
“A lot of politicians will tell us everything we want to hear but when they get elected none of that ever gets accomplished,” Lee said. “They need to be able to connect on a personal level with another human being, not just talk. Talk is cheap. What you talk about needs to match your actions”