Students and staff weigh in with predictions for tonight’s game


Eliana Baker

Tre Pearson leads his teammates onto the field.

Sara Hummadi, MHS1 Producer

Opinions are students’ own and do not represent ManestreamNews.

Leila Wyatt, Senior
“Based off of last year, I think we’re gonna do good. But at the very end we might lose. However, I still have hope we’re gonna do better.”

Sam McWhirter, Senior
“The football team I know will come out strong. They’re definitely well-prepared. The marching band will also perform very well.”

Kayla Clark, Junior
“I hope they win but I don’t know what’s gonna happen. It’s scary especially since it’s the first game against North.”

Ariana Palomo, Junior
“I think they’ll win. I hope, but I don’t know because it’s the first game.”

Korbin Snellgrove, Sophomore
“The Lions are going to demolish the other team. I think the Lions’ running game is going to prevail over the weak-sided defense of the bulldogs.”

Caden Anderson, Sophomore

Leslie Terrones, Senior
“I’m very excited for the football game. It is my first football game ever. I’m pumped. I think we’re gonna win.”

Elaina Simonsen, Freshman
“North will lose. Hopefully.”

Dylan Perry, Freshman
“We will win, obviously. North sucks.”

Johanna Maldonado, Freshman
“I believe the Lions will take the victory. I think we’ll win by a lot.”

Alan Arbabi, Principal

“My prediction is: we’re gonna have a great time. Our fans are gonna show up with great class. Everybody that is participating is gonna be classy about whatever happens.”