OPINION: Let’s put a cap on decoration restrictions



After problems with inappropriate quotes on graduation caps in previous years, administrators restricted decorations to college or military related only. College decorations are limited to those who know which school they will attend in the fall.

Administration needs to reconsider this decision.

Not everyone is going off to a university next year. Not everyone is going to college at all. Making cap decorations exclusive to those going to college promotes the idea that college is the only option after high school. College isn’t for everyone. Those taking a gap year or foregoing college altogether should still have the option to decorate their cap in some way.

Collin College is the most attended college by McKinney ISD seniors. Many of these students plan to transfer to a 4-year university after but haven’t even decided where that would be yet. A student may plan to go to the University of Texas after a year at Collin, but given these parameters, they wouldn’t be able to represent their school at graduation.

Some students go to Collin because they can’t afford to go anywhere else or just want to save money. These new rules could potentially draw attention to how much money they have and single them out.

With graduation less than a month away, there is no possible way for administrators to approve every cap design. But graduating seniors are adults and understand that graduation is a serious event. This ceremony sends graduates off into adulthood. They should be trusted with the task of decorating their cap appropriately.

Yes, in a class of more than 500 students, some people could break the rules. Administrators said they have no problem providing a blank one at the ceremony for those who show up with 3D items on their caps. The same consequence could be provided to those with inappropriate caps.
If we put our thinking caps on, we can surely come up with a better idea that allows all seniors to represent their future plans.