Outside the Arena

Protesters gather at rally to make statement against Trump

Neelam Bohra, Co-Editor

Hundreds of people gathered outside the American Airlines Center on Monday in protest of Donald Trump’s ongoing rally and his comments toward immigrants.

Before the rally, protesters stood across from the lines of people waiting to enter the American Airlines center. They shouted things like “Dump the Trump!” and “Tejas! Tejas!” while playing Spanish renditions of songs like “We are the World.” However, the Trump supporters were unaffected.

Thirty-one year old Araceli Escoto believed everything Trump had said was prejudiced and untrue. She believed it wasn’t right to stereotype a whole race of people like that.

“We are showing him that we can be strong without having race involved,” Escoto said. “This protest—it’s not about color, it’s not about race. It’s about everyone being united. He believes just because he has money he can do whatever he wants to. That’s not right.”

She also brought her daughter to the rally as a teaching moment to show her she should stand up in what she believes in.

“Just like any parent, my mother wanted the best for her kid,” Escoto said. “When she brought me here to the United States, she didn’t want to ‘take the government’s money.’ She wanted to make a better living for all of us. I brought my little girl so she can see what she can stand up for when she grows up.”

Sara Esparza, a high school junior from Uplift Luna Prepatory, believed this protest stood against Donald Trump and everyone who shared his beliefs.

“My opinion on Donald Trump is, well, I don’t know how someone can be so ignorant and still want to run for president,” Ezparza said. “Not only that, but his supporters. I mean, there’s 17,000 people here and I genuinely worry for these people. How can they think those things and agree with him? I can’t even handle that.”

She highly opposed with most of his statements about women, but what affected her most was his “personal attack on her race.”

“Something that personally sticks with me is what he said about Hispanics,” Esparza said. “I am Hispanic. He said we were rapists and criminals and all these other things. I said, you know what? That’s racist. That’s not something you should be saying.”

Protestors kept motivated throughout the rally and even after the rally finished. As Trump’s spectators emptied the stadiums, protestors decorated themselves with Mexican flags and continued shouting for freedom. A group of Black Lives Matter activists even joined in. They waved their flag and chanted, “Tejas! Tejas!” as the sun set behind them. And though Dallas police officers stationed themselves around this action, no arrests were made.

“The purpose of this protest isn’t to anger or annoy anyone,” Esparza said. “I feel this protest is giving a voice to the oppressed. We need a voice.”


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