Hockey team hopes for playoffs

webVs.Frisco_.101112_GJ_3437_editThe Hockey season began 5 to 1, until their losses began to outweigh their wins.

“I feel we have what it takes to get us to playoffs,” senior Ty Holt said. “The team is now at a 9 to 7 for the season.”

With the season ending Feb. 28, they must improve their technique to have a competitive edge against the other teams in the rink.

“As a team we work a lot on the offensive zone, but I personally like to work on my shooting.” Kevin said.

Hoping to make it to playoffs, the team practices every Tuesday from 7:15 to 9:30 p.m. at Craig Ranch Rink to strengthen and improve their game.

“I hope that we can improve all around as a team and be able to finish strong.” Junior Kevin Hobbs said.


Written by Maya Ermeus

Photo by Gehrig Johnson