What teachers do on work days

Eleven school days out of the year, students receive school off while teachers work.

Teacher workdays were put in place to allow teachers to enhance their teaching skills.

“The teacher workdays help us learn how to improve,” chemistry teacher Alice Dutton said.

Teachers also attend classes to learn how to better their teaching.

“Sometimes we go to classes that are supposed to help us with teaching techniques; professional development is what we call it,” algebra II teacher John Parshall said.

The teachers also have meetings with other teachers in the same field to plan lessons and discuss ways to teach them to their students.

“The algebra II team will meet and talk about our lesson plans, and also how to teach,” Mr. Parshall said.

These workdays are important for teachers, but they benefit students as well.

“I like teacher workdays because they give me a chance to catch up on my homework and sleep,” junior Mattie McSwain said.


Written by Amelia Kinsinger

Photo by Giovanni Sabala