Model United Nations attends conference

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The Model United Nations club participated in the Central Texas Model United Nations conference, hosted by the University of North Texas the weekend of Oct. 19.

At the conference, the Model UN members discussed foreign issues and debated the views of different countries on those issues.

“Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations,” Senior Roya Atashi said. “Each person is a delegate of a certain country, and we’re given issues to resolve.”

The delegates were organized into committees for the discussions.

“In the committees we have to cooperate with other delegates who represent countries with the same views as ours on the issue,” Atashi said, “And we present a solution to the problem. For example, one issue we discussed was Internet access as a human right. We had to write resolutions based on our country’s views on that issue.”

Some delegates represented specific characters from their country.

“I was Emanuel D’astier, a French resistance leader,” Atashi said. “And Michael Robinson was a military leader in NATO.”

To prepare for this convention, the club members had to research their countries’ stances on the issues and attended meetings every Thursday after school.

“After all the hard work we put into it, we had a lot more fun than I expected,” Atashi said. “We had a lot of people that became really involved and important in the committees. We did pretty well, had a good group, and managed to enjoy our time.”


Written by Lexy Ludwig

Photo by Kyra Sorenson