Guards help out Marquettes

The Marquette guards, part of a school tradition, help the Marquettes set up before every football game and make sure everything is ready for the halftime performance.

“It feels good to be a guard,” senior Josh Carpenter said. “It makes me feel like I’m doing a good deed for the Marquettes and Mrs. Neely. This has been a blast for me since I started in 8th grade.”

When Mrs. Amy Neely found who the seniors for the guard position were, she couldn’t wait for the season to begin.

“These guards are sweet, nice, and talented,” Mrs. Neely said, “They have had a major role in each game.”

Before each game, the guards set up the seats and help with injuries or any medical issues the dancers have. They escort the officers to meet the other teams’ dancers and exchange gifts of candy and CD’s of the music from their dance routines.

“The guards have been a great help to us,” Mrs. Neely said. “I’m glad I chose the guards we have.”

The girls perform the same dance routine to start the halftime show for each game, and follow it up with a new dance they practiced the week before the game.

“I love going to the games, helping out the girls, and watching them perform,” senior Jesus Guerra said. “They show great spirit for each game and make me smile during the halftime performance.”

The guards have bonded with the Marquettes and each other.

“It’s been fun going to every game,” senior Alan Romoâ said, “Especially getting into the games for free. I’ve saved a lot money. Really I just love seeing the girls’ show at half time. It makes me proud to be a guard.”

During each game, the guards escort the head officers and the captain across the field to meet the other teams, to exchange gifts, and introduce themselves to their squads.

“The one thing that I never would have thought we would be doing was meeting the other team’s Marquettes and guards,” Jesus said. “They are always so nice to us, treating us with respect. This experience has made me glad I became a Marquette guard.”

The Marquettes appreciate the help the guards provide for them.

“I love them,” junior Bryana Oliphant said. “They are more fun this year, and they actually talk to us and make the games fun.”

The guards have helped Ms. Addrianne Stevens and Neely get the girls ready before every football game. Neely and Stevens have shown their appreciation to the guards.

“They’re respectable gentlemen of our school,” Neely said. “They’ve helped with props and lifted heavy equipment we need for each game. Marquette guards are the cream of the crop of our senior men, with tons of school spirit.”


Written by Khalil Webb

Photo by Gunnar Lund