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For the third year in a row, Mr. Joshua Helms and club 2412 are sponsoring Buzayehu Yibeltal, an Ethiopian orphan.

Hailey Kilgo started the idea in 2012 and now Mr. Helms uses the club as an opportunity for kids to reach out and help others in need.

“I wanted to be able to help others who could not help themselves,” said Mr. Helms.

Mr. Helms and his wife started the adoption process two years ago and decided that they wanted to find a way to help those children that could not be adopted.

The club sponsors Buzayehu through an organization called Project 61, contributing nine hundred dollars each year through fundraisers such as battle of the bands and selling t-shirts.

“Our support,” said Mr. Helms, “allows [Buzayehu] to be loved by those who are not there.”

Buzayehu has lived in a part of Ethiopia, called Korah, since he was born. Before Project 61 reached out to help him, he lived in a trash dump.

“We want to get a better foundation,” said Mr. Helms, “to bring more awareness each month to a different global cause.”

Beginning in December, the club will advertise different ways to help a global dilemma such as human trafficking or diseases in foreign countries.

“It is a great feeling to see a child go from a non-emotional state to one of joy and happiness,” said Mr. Helms.

If you are interested in joining club 2412, stop by room E212 Wednesdays after school.

To learn more about Project 61, go to


Written by Lauren Frazier

Photo by Alejandra Velez