Editorial: New policies help rather than hurt

In all of the chaos and confusion caused by the jackhammers and the wandering bulldozers, it’s hard to believe that the school can even function, but with the administration’s enforcement of harsher policies, we’ve managed. Though these changes can be annoying, they are necessary, and students should make more of an effort to adapt to them rather than complain about them.

For instance, in the revised dress code, which was created by parents, tank tops are no longer allowed. While this upsets students, it’s not that big of a deal. According to the old dress code, students could only wear tank tops if they passed the three-finger test. From this perspective, the rule isn’t much of a change at all, as most tank tops do not meet this requirement anyway.  Also, since the administration did not even create the dress code, it’s pointless for students to blame them. On the bright side, Nike shorts can now be worn as long as they are fingertip length. This is a step up from the old rule that no student could wear Nike shorts at all.

The tardy policy has also fired some resentment in the student body. Rather than simply marking an unexcused student as tardy in the attendance, teachers are now required to send them to the late gate as soon as the student arrives to class. Although this requires tardy students to miss class time, odds are that if a student is repeatedly late to class, they aren’t too worried about their academics anyway.  Students can whine about the rule all they want, but it has fulfilled exactly what it was intended to. After the tardy bell rings, hardly any students wander the halls.

Another controversial rule is the policy that no drinks or beverages are allowed outside the cafeteria. This is necessary and reasonable because it prevents spills. Your spilled latte could take someone down for the count. Also, a stain here and there will really tarnish the new carpet. When our school is finished, it will be unrecognizable from what it is now. Not only will it be one of the most beautiful schools in the state, but in the nation, and even better than Boyd. With that in mind, is cleaning up our act really too much for the administration to ask of us?

Granted, the sudden enforcement of these policies can be justifiably overwhelming to students, and it is understandable that some time is needed to adapt, especially to the cell phone rule, which does not allow students to use their phones in the halls. This has prevented people from bumping into each other, since they’re no longer buried in their phones. However, the administration should get the clocks fixed. Only old people wear watches.

Exaggerations and complaints about the changes don’t improve them, they just make you look stupid. The rules aren’t going anywhere, and why should they when they will ultimately make us better and keep our facilities nicer? Students should focus on the positive aspects of the revisions rather than emphasize the negatives. Lets not forget that the administration we criticize now is the same one who euthanized the Write Way.

Written by Kayla Crowley