Speaking for McKinney High School: two students make daily announcements

Every morning at the beginning of third period, the daily announcements are read over the school’s intercom. However, does everyone really know who the voices behind the announcements are?

Those students are Corey Toland and Tatiana Marquis.

“For as long as I know the role has generally been passed down from class president to class president,” Corey said.

As senior class president and student council president, it is Corey and Tatiana’s responsibility to read the announcements every morning.

“Every morning Mr. Jacobsen types up a sort of script for me to read off,” Corey said.

Teachers email Mr. Jacobsen what they want broadcasted during their announcement.

Corey admits to getting nervous each day, but the two speakers have found a ritual to calm them down before they go on the air.

“Before we start every announcements we kind of just laugh. It sounds weird but it helps get rid of our nerves and gets us ready,” Corey said.

Since people are walking in and out of the room where they do the announcements, they had to figure out a way stay focused the whole time.

Corey feels privileged to be such an important role to his school.

“It is completely worth my time, there isn’t a time when I regret getting the position. It is a lot of hard work and I do struggle, but I enjoy making a difference in my school and community,” Corey said. “Nothing is better than being able to give back.“


by Casey Frazier

photos by Elliot Parkman