Sophomore takes 6 advanced classes

For sophomore Valerie Huynh, success comes naturally. She takes three AP classes, a GT class, two Pre AP classes and still manages to rank second among all sophomores.

“Even though I’m number two, I honestly don’t think it matters so much,” Huynh said. “I know I’ve tried my hardest and have absolutely no regrets.”

On top of her academic achievements, Valerie gives back to the community through volunteer work.

“Instead of babysitting or volunteering in an elementary school like most others, I wanted to challenge myself by helping not as economically stable kids,” Huynh said.

To balance and maintain her busy daily schedule, Valerie spends many nights studying past midnight.

“I’d like to manage my time better in the future,” Huynh said.

However, the decision to take on such rigorous courses was Valerie’s choice and she enjoys the challenge.

“I don’t find it hard because it will ready me for the future,” Huynh said. “I just wanted to challenge myself.”

To further pave her meaningful path, Valerie plans to attend Duke University, where she wishes to pursue a degree in the medical field.

“I want to go there because it has a good medication program an it’s beautiful,” Huynh said. “And it’s a great school.”

by Keisha Guice