Sabol wins Dawson model search

Collegiate scouts searching for recruits are the norm at volleyball tournaments. But for freshman volleyball player Rebecca Sabol, the scouting experience was a little different; the Kim Dawson modeling agency approached her.

“[Kim Dawson modeling agency] gave me their business card and I went in for an interview,” Rebecca said. “They told me if I wanted to, I could enter a televised model search.”

Alongside 600 others, Rebecca waited in line to be interviewed for Kim Dawson’s model search.

“Right before I went in for the interview, my knees went weak,” Rebecca said. “I froze up for a second and was really nervous.”

Based on their interviews, Rebecca and 39 other girls advanced to the second round of Kim Dawson’s search. From there, Rebecca preceded to the final round of the competition.

“The finalists made it onto the documentary TV show, ‘Making of a model,’” Rebecca said.

Once deemed finalists, each girl was given a “complete transformation” makeover.

“They cut about 6 to 8 inches off my hair,” Rebecca said. “It wasn’t as drastic as some of the other girls though.”

Over the span of about a month, each contestant was given a photographer for an individual and group shoot.

“I was fortunate enough, I believe, to get the best photographer and crew,” Rebecca said. “I feel that they were the deciding factor for me in the competition.”

At the finale party, a screening room was rented out from Northpark mall where each portfolio was on display and winners were announced.

“Our hair and make-up were done for the party and everyone’s hair was down except for mine,” Rebecca said. “It completely freaked me out and I kept thinking I must not have won.”

However, Rebecca won the competition’s overall judging and received $1000, a modeling contract with Kim Dawson, the ability to participate in a runway show and the Lifetime Modeling Achievement Award.

“If I continue with modeling, Kim Dawson model search is the biggest thing that can get my name out there,” Rebecca said.  “Hopefully it will help me go very far.”


by Jackie Harrison

photos by Brittany Stout