11.11.11 make a wish!


I wish for…


– “The best birthday ever.” junior Eryn Capretta

– “World peace.” junior Catherine Festa

– “Lots and lots of money…I would like that.” sophomore Connor Hook

– “No school.” freshman Alex Linstrom

– “I am wishing to go to Australia and to go on an adventure in the outback and run with a pack of wild koalas.” senior Cameron Mccurry

– “I wish to be taller.” freshman Jacob Driggs

– “I wish Mrs. Norrell was my grandma.” junior Tate Mulligan

– “To go see the movie Immortals.” senior Erik Gentzel

– “I wish for a great life ahead of me, getting in to the college I want.” junior Devon Maguire

– “A button that makes anything appear when you press it.” senior Matt Wolverton

– “End of the Write Way!” junior Roya Atashi

– “To not die in 2012.” sophomore Emily Cadenhead

– “I wish for an extra week of Christmas break.” junior Amanda Hernandez

– “I would wish for an old 1953 Chevy pickup truck.” senior Jade Huston

– “I wish that Hannah Pruitt has the best birthday ever.” junior Dylan Nguyen

– “To stop global warming.” sophomore Marcos Estrada

– “I wish for a great freshman year.” freshman Morgan Holmes

– “Get meh money.” junior Chase Curtis

– “I wish I could fly.” junior Josh Muetzel

– “I wish for a smokin’ hot boyfriend who sets off the fire alarm when he walks in the room.” senior Breanna Stricklin

– “I wish for someone to not get their 11/11/11 wish.” junior Mikie Swim

– “To take all the kids in Africa out of hunger.” sophomore Brenda Torres

– “I wish for an infinite amount of wishes.” junior Matt Schmidt

– “All you need is love.” junior Reid South

– “I wish I could go back in time.” sophomore Brennan Mcfarlane

– “Infinite amount of money.” sophomore Buddy Behrends


by Lexy Ludwig