Administrators cancel blackout pep rally

Corrected: Nov. 14, 2011 by original author

Because of the rambunctious nature of students during blackout pep rallies in previous years, there will be no blackout pep rally this year.

“When the lights go off, the kids go crazy,” sophomore varsity cheerleader Amanda Bulot said. “It’s harder to tell who they are in the dark.”

In the past, students have thrown glow sticks, batteries and various other objects at performing Marquettes and cheerleaders. Because the culprits that cause such safety concern are unrecognizable in the dark, full lights will be on during the pep rally.

Not all students took part in this misbehavior, but the few that did, did such at the rest of the student body’s expense.

“It kind of sucks, it was the one pep rally I was pretty excited for,” sophomore Kevin Hobbs said.

by Lauren Frazier