Drum roll please…

For James Greenhaw joining drum line his freshman year was a natural decision. Greenhaw started playing in middle school with the hope of one day making a career out of it.

“I was in percussion in middle school, but what really got me motivated to join was when I went to watch some upper classmen play during one of their high school football games,” junior Greenhaw said. “When drum line auditions came around, I decided to try it out and ended up making it.”

To perfect his performance Greenhaw practices daily.

“Whenever I feel like I’m not doing very well, I go home and then go over the parts that I’m not really confident with,” Grenhaw said. “In drum line, it’s important to strive for what you want.”

If he needs help, Greenhaw knows he can count on the other drum line members to help him learn the music.

“First we do warm-ups, and slow down and speed up the tempo,” Greenhaw said. “Then we go over our music and work on places that we have problems with.”

Greenhaw, who plays the tenor drums has loved drumming from the beginning.

“I have been playing drums since I was in sixth grade and was in percussion at Faubion,” Greenhaw said. “I started to really get into it as it became more and more challenging.”

Greenhaw says he always looks forward to being able to hang out with his friends while doing something that he loves.

“Drum line is great and is always the highlight of my year,” Greenhaw said. “There are so many great and unique kids that make it a lot of fun.”

Although James enjoys drum line, he knows that it requires a great amount of commitment.

“In drum line, you have to be really dedicated,” Greenhaw said. “If you’re late to rehearsal or don’t use your time wisely, it will affect your  team.”

James would like to pursue drumming as a career, but he knows that it’s not easy.

“Drumming is pretty challenging to have as a stable career,” Greenhaw said. “But I know that if I don’t make it as a professional, I will definitely continue doing it as a hobby because it’s something that I enjoy and love.”


by Sarah Martin

Photo by Shelby Tauber