She plays for Team Edward

It was love at first bite.

After being dragged to the theatre by friends to see the much-hyped 2008 Twilight premier, senior Brooke Fangio’s once reluctant attitude was forever transformed; she fell head over heels for the vampire love story.

“I originally went to see the movie, thinking it was going to be stupid, so I didn’t want to go, but [my friend] dragged me there,” Brooke said. “It was weird, I remember watching the movie and crying. It was really intense for me. I just had a connection with Twilight.”

To say Brooke has been “bitten” is an understatement. To say she’s a fanatic, an extremist, a radical, a diehard or a devotee is more like it.

“I read the story and fell in love,” Brooke said. “I fell in love with Edward [the series’ protagonist vampire]. It’s kind of an escape for me to read the books. I can go off into a different world.”

Edward is depicted in the series as the quintessential gentleman. He’s chivalrous, old-fashioned and totally self-sacrificing for his love Bella.

“Plus, Edward is, like, really hott,” Brooke said. “That makes it even better.”

“I have two Edward cutouts in my room that watch me sleep every night,” Brooke said. “I have two framed posters of Edward. I’ve bought tons of Edward magazines over the years and I’ve cut him out. I made a collage covering my entire door of the cutouts. There’s not one picture on there twice and I’m very proud of it, too. I have a bunch of posters covering my wall, I have magnets everywhere and I even have a black board with my favorite Twilight quote on it.”

Brooke’s newest ploy is a crazy quest to be invited to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she’d formally meet her beloved vampire, Edward Cullen (actor Robert Pattinson). She’ll send a video greeting highlighting every single snippet of her Twilight shrine to show producers, hoping to catch someone’s attention.

“I have not met [Robert Pattinson], but if I did, I would die,” Brooke said. “I’m making a video and I’m going to send it to Ellen of like, my room, and I’m going to see if she’ll take me onto her show to meet the Twilight cast. She brings the cast on before every movie premier. I would start crying and probably pass out if she let me onto her show.”

Brooke isn’t only obsessed with reading the saga and living amidst her Twilight temple.  She also affiliates with different groups of fans, who like her, can’t get enough of the vampires and werewolves.

A member of and the MHS Twilight Club, Brooke wasted no time getting her tickets to see Edward Cullen in the fourth Twilight film, Breaking Dawn: Part One set to release November 18.

“I went at midnight to go buy my tickets for Breaking Dawn: Part One  two months in advance of the movie premier,” Brooke said. “There will be a marathon [of all of the previous Twilight movies] at the movie theatre before the premier, and it starts at 4:00, so I’m missing school that day. I’m super excited.”

 by Quinn Murray