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The student news site of McKinney High School

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The student news site of McKinney High School

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Powder Puff Kicks Off Homecoming Week

Students will play in Powder Puff game tonight
Jordan Fuentes
Power Puff 2023 Bracket

Lion football players will coach girls from each grade level as they take the field for Powder Puff at 6 p.m. today.

Each team chose the days they practiced together to prepare for the game. Practices allowed students to meet each other and bond as a team. The game will be held at the Aux field behind the school.

“I wanted to have a good experience as a freshman,” freshman Marybeth Galabiz said. “And I’d like to meet some more freshmen.”

By the end of the first day of sign-ups, only three spots remained for sophomores and two spots for juniors. Sophomore Sophia Burdidge missed the deadline to play last year but was able to register for this year’s bracket.

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“I’m excited about playing,” Sophia said. “I may look bad out there but I’m excited to play with friends and meet new people.”

The games are set up in a bracket. The first series will be sophomores against the senior black team. Series two will be juniors against the senior white team. Whoever wins the first series will play the freshman in series three. The winners of series two and series three will move onto the final championship.

“We almost beat the senior team last year,” junior Addison Graham said.  “It came down to the last few seconds and although we didn’t win, I still had a lot of fun with my team. I’m excited to beat the senior white team.”

Any friends and family can attend the game tonight. Tickets will be $2 at the gate. If a student already purchased a homecoming ticket, they can enter the game with the pre-purchased ticket.

“It’s a great way to come together,” Addison said. “I know last year a bunch of the boys in our grade showed up with wigs and supporting our team color.”

Powder Puff is the first of multiple homecoming festivities hosted by Student Council. Throughout this week, there will be dress up days, Beat the Drum, and the homecoming game and dance.

“Well, I know that we take pride a lot in our football team,” junior Gianna Gomez said. “We all love going out to football games Friday, dressing as a team and having fun.”



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