Union Square, SF

Union Square, SF

Claire Tuel and Alyssa Salazar

Most people think Union Square is just about strictly shopping but it is more than just “Retail Therapy”. Union Square has a vast amount of all entertainment for everybody. This includes cafes, theaters, art galleries, live entertainment, and many department stores. Some call it “a shoppers paradise”. Although there are a lot of department stores and boutiques to shop from, it is also a great place to walk around or sit in the square especially when there is nice weather. 

While being in San Francisco, Union Square is a much-needed spot to visit. Many people perform on the stage in the square. The Alonzo King LINES Ballet is just one of the many groups who utilizes the space. The group of students perform many group and solo dances to crowds of people who are interested in the art. The company advertises using social media like instagram (@linesballet) to promote their performances around the city. Union Square is also home to many retail areas where people spend hours shopping. To most, shopping is about self-expression and doing something for yourself. Many take in the shopping environment and spend time in the square. There are some smaller businesses, like coffee shops in the area. One being Union Square Coffee. They also utilize social media (@unionsquarecoffee) to promote their menu. Overall, Union Square is an essential area of San Francisco. With its food, arts, and retail, it’s a popular spot for locals and visitors. Even though the shopping is one of the most known parts, there’s much more to the square than just retail. It’s an area for people to connect and enjoy the city.


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