‘7 Mindsets’ aims to build school relationships


Ali VanderZiel, Reporter

The 7 Mindsets is a program that has been implemented in the school to create stronger relationships among the students and teachers.

The purpose of the program is to get both students and teachers out of their comfort zones, in order to connect more.

“I think that part of what’s going on in our society is that we aren’t connecting enough,” IMPACT counselor Jill Lueke said. “I don’t mean by technology, but face to face connection and just building relationships and taking care of each other.”

Along with the administration, many teachers support the program and enjoy teaching it to the students.

“I think it is a good way to positively impact lives,” Coach Andrew Brown said. “If the students can be on board with it they can develop a positive attitude toward life and be more successful.”

Although many teachers support the program, some students have mixed opinions about it.

“I think we should’ve started the 7 Mindsets earlier,” senior Allison Hockaday said. “Like in middle school or elementary school, then I would have benefited a lot more.”

While the purpose of the program is to create connections within the school, some students think they could find that message elsewhere.

“We don’t really need it because it’s stuff you can get at an inspiration conference or TED talks,” senior Haven vanLandingham said. “It’s just a good time to get out of doing work.”

Still, Ms. Lueke said the benefits are worth the cost of the program.

“It’s gonna seem like a lot of money but in a high school budget it’s not a whole lot. I think it was around $5,000,” Ms. Lueke said. “I do think it’s well worth it when you think about the impact of staff and how many kids it affects.”

Despite the cost and the objections by some students, the 7 Mindsets is a program that will continue to be used for the benefit of the students and teachers.

“We’re always gonna have difficult situations,” Ms. Lueke said. “But if we learn how to manage them in a positive way and keep a positive mindset then we can get through that and we can learn who we connect with, who we can lean on, and lean on each other.”