POET’S PRIDE: Boomerang

Dakota Hughes

Poet’s Pride is an opportunity for students to express themselves and publish their poetry. If you’re interested, you can submit your poetry here.


Depend on yourself day in, day out time and time again, then suddenly you just can’t do it anymore but as you look around for any help you just can’t bring yourself to ask because you feel like you’ve bothered them far too many times before

so you wrap yourself in ones thoughts and begin suffocating on your own medicine and begin bottling it all up inside and it’s eats you alive

And you’ve become far too scared of the outside

Trapped inside 4 walls with no door to escape

Trapped inside a wicked mind with no rest and it becomes hard to confess that your troubled

Never easy to forget the memories

And you memorize the times when no one was there

And it wasn’t always easy carrying the weight of your own dead bones

And it wasn’t always easy coping with the fact that the people you were closest with are either dead or gone

So say so long to the easy times and the breath taking laughs

Say so long to days where worries weren’t on your mind

When life wasn’t a battle you had to fight

Scar tissue turns to scarred feeling

Feeling like things would’ve been a little bit different if there was next time

Time and time again

Realizations fade with doubt

And I keep forgetting what I was even mad about

But just like that it manages to find its way back like a boomerang

And just like that everything I’ve spent my life building falls with a boom or bang

And I have to start from scratch, just to fail to like I have, time and time again.