EDITORIAL: Black Lives Matter

Photo by Michael Gutierrez

Photo by Michael Gutierrez


Following the recent killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police officers and the killing of five Dallas cops, social media has been largely divided. You’re either #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter.

The Black Lives Matter movement is vital as it highlights racial inequality and discourages violence, while the countertrend ignores the racism of the modern justice system.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean whites or other races are lesser than, it serves to remind us that all human life is equal, no matter the race.

The unnecessary deaths of African-Americans in the past week at the hands of police officers shows how the Black Lives Matter movement is needed now more than ever.

Police brutality and racial stereotyping isn’t universal among law enforcement, and Black Lives Matter isn’t about hating police officers or “Blue Lives.” It’s about demanding equality.

While the murder of the Dallas officers occurred during a Black Lives Matter protest, the sniper acted alone. The police officers were even supporting the protesters and their peaceful march.

Black Lives Matter is about peacefully advocating for equal treatment of African-Americans in the eyes of the law, not attacking cops.

All Lives Matter follows the growing trend by majority groups to usurp dominance over minorities. It’s as asinine as Heterosexual Pride or Meninism.

Detractors of the Black Lives Matter movement are ignorant to the discrimination large groups of Americans face. Simply name-dropping landmark legislation or court cases as justification of racial equality doesn’t prove the justice system is color blind.

Until African-Americans can be treated equally by law enforcement, All Lives Matter supporters are perpetuating the belief that only White Lives Matter.

The Black Lives Matter movement is intended to shrink the racial divide between blacks and whites, and hopefully curb the trend of violence on African-Americans and law enforcement. Police officers and Black Lives Matter aren’t mutually exclusive. You can support both.

Black lives matter and blue lives matter, but that doesn’t mean we need to make each other black and blue.