Students participate in dance crew

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The Illusion Crew is a dance crew made up of students from MHS who practice three to four days a week after school in the cafeteria. Sophomore Maya Ermeus started the group because she wanted to dance, but didn’t want to take a dance class during school.

Senior Andrew Blackburn has been dancing his entire life and is a member of the group.

“Dancing is another way to express yourself when you don’t know how to say it in words,” Blackburn said.

The crew sets goals for themselves to help them improve.

“My goal is to be as good as I can be,” sophomore dancer Lauren Hawkins said.

Each member creates their own dance routine and incorporates it into their performance.

“Hip hop and jazz are my favorite types of dance,” Hawkins said.

The crewmembers enjoy expressing themselves through dance.

“Every time I hear a beat it makes me want to dance,” Blackburn said.

The majority of the crew has a goal to continue dancing after high school.

“I will never stop dancing even if I’m not a dance teacher when I get older,” sophomore Deja King said.

For King, dance is more than just a hobby.

“Dance is an escape from everyone and all of life’s problems,” King said.


Written by Maya Ermeus

Photo by Colin Mitchell