Criminal Justice club cracks down

The Criminal Justice Club is filled with students preparing for their futures in law enforcement.

Many students who want to be police officers, lawyers, federal agents, security officers, or correctional officers have already joined the club.

“I’ve learned a lot of stuff the cops do on the street right now” said Vice President Marcus Wilken, who in the future wants to be a police officer.

Throughout the year, the club trains for the state competition. State consists of 16 events such as SWAT extraction, traffic stop, foot pursuit course, building search, etc.

While many clubs are out there for fun and games, this one gets down to business, “There’s a connection that you don’t get in other clubs you also don’t have the same activities in this club as others. Tell me any other club that does these kinds of activities as well.” Club President Emily Wiliamson said.

While practicing hard for events throughout the year, the work eventually pays off.

“I saw all of them holding medals and trophies. It was amazing that we all got that far with our training and I was proud of them for working hard.” said Emily.

While many do not take it seriously, the students in the club take it to heart.

“We take it seriously because most people in the club want to be in law enforcement. State is a good experience because real cops judge us so we can improve on mistakes that we make.” Marcus said.

The club is going to continue practicing for events and doing their best to prepare for regionals, state and their lives ahead.

“Even if the student isn’t looking for a future career, the club traces leadership, dedication, and responsibility that can be helpful in shaping the student for the real world,” Emily said.


by JT Hawkins

photos by Shelby Tauber